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Recently the following resolutions were passed by the ACA Management Committee:


  • All programs are required to be supplied to the ACA Office for Approval. Please send them to  aca@campdraft.com.au. 
  • The ACA Office has been directed by the Management Committee that programs can only be uploaded onto the website one designated day per week. This day has been determined to be Wednesday by 4pm. Once the program has been published it will not be removed until after the event. Programs are only published on the ACA website at the request of committees and there is no fee. 
  • At the request of committees draws can be published on the website any day of the week, no fee. 
  • The ACA Rule Book is currently being updated and the latest version will be available from the ACA website soon. 
  • It is a direction by the ACA Management Committee that the breakdown of prizemoney be listed for all ACA affiliated events on programs. This does not apply to affiliated campdraft events with added entry. Please refer to rule R.6. on page 35 of the Rule Book. 
  • Casual Membership for Juniors no longer exists. Because it is the same price as Annual Junior membership they are automatically processed as Annual members.