COVID-19 Media Release: 18/03/2020

The Australian Campdraft Association (ACA) advise the cessation of all campdraft events, nationwide, until further notice. This decision was handed down by the National Campdraft Council of Australia (NCCA) and includes the CQ Charity ACA National Finals that were planned to be held in Nebo next month.

ACA supports NCCA’s direction, and are of the belief that it would be irresponsible to condone activities that may or may not contravene the public health directive. Campdrafting, as with many other sports, is non-essential. Furthermore, campdrafting is held in remote areas, but draws competitors and attendees from very broad geographic locations.

Whilst we are aware that the Federal Government has directed event organisers to cease any events where over 500 people are expected to attend, ACA supports NCCA’s cessation of all campdrafts, regardless of size. In doing so, ACA have considered the already limited resources available to our regional health care centres and the originating population from which competitors & attendees are drawn. ACA consider that continuing to operate in light of these factors would be inconsiderate, and disregarding the best medical & government advice available.

This decision will be reviewed on the 1 May 2020, with further information to be released after this date.