ACA Memberships

To renew your ACA Membership/s or register for a membership, please go to Campdraft One.

ACA Membership Waiver:
In consideration for me, and/or minors in my care, being allowed to participate in all events run by the Australian Campdraft Association Inc. (ACA), I hereby agree, by payment of membership, that:
1. I have permission to accept this waiver on behalf of all persons for whom this membership is for.
2. I understand and acknowledge that campdrafting is a dangerous activity & may result in serious injury, permanent disability or death.
3. I understand and acknowledge that I ride at my own risk.
4. I understand and acknowledge the rules of ACA & NCCA. I agree to be bound by any Constitutions, Rules, Bylaws, Regulations and Policies.
5. I give permission for my photo to be taken at any ACA affiliated event and for my photo to be used in any ACA publication or online media.
6. I waive all of my legal rights of action against ACA from any claim, for loss, damage, injury, death or permanent disability howsoever arising and incidental to myself and/or my child attending at and/or participating in an ACA affiliated event. This waiver includes but is not limited to liability for any negligent or tortuous act or omission, breach of duty, breach of contract or breach of statutory duty on the part of ACA.
7. I accept a complete and unconditional release of all liability of ACA & any ACA affiliated event to the extent permitted by law in the event of me and/or the children under my care suffer injury, death or permanent disability.
8. I release ACA, its assigns, its office bearers, employees or agents from all such claims.
9. I understand that ACA utilises cookies to store user data and does not share this data with any third parties. I understand that ACA follows industry standard security best practices to handle my data, and are in no way liable for any security breach which adversely affects me whilst using an ACA digital service. I understand any payment entity utilised by ACA is a third party PCI compliant entity that implements the highest level of security best practices. With this in mind, the ACA is in no way liable in the event of financial loss if a security issue were to occur as a result of using an ACA digital service.


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