Australian Stock Horse Society Sponsored Awards

The Australian Stock Horse Society (ASHS) sponsor horse awards that are run in conjunction with ACA’s Competition Season (1 April to 31 March) and ACA’s Open Horse, Novice Horse and Rookie Horse competitions. The ASHS’ awards are Champion ASHS Open Horse Award, Champion ASHS Novice Horse Award and Champion ASHS Rookie Horse Award. To be eligible for these awards, the horse must have relevant status to the awards according to ACA’s records, and the horse must be registered with ASHS and ACA, by their ASHS registered name. The owner of the horse must be a financial member of ASHS and ACA. Memberships to ASHS and ACA must be paid in full by 31 March, prior to the end of the relevant competition season. Awards are presented to three winners of each of the above mentioned awards at ACA’s National Finals Presentation Dinner.

ACA’s 2024/25 Competition Season commenced on 1 April 2024, and it will conclude on 31 March 2025. For more information on these awards, please contact the ACA Office Team.

The results below were published in Part 2 of Edition 273 of the ACA News.